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Conservation Benefit 2019

coming November 2019

the Conservation International series

We’re proud to announce the Conservation International benefit series, which will be released on November 25, 2019.

100% of proceeds from the sale of these original paintings will be donated to Conservation International to address climate change and ocean preservation.

The series of ~25 original landscape paintings will go up for sale here on Monday November 25, 2019. To preview the full collection and get advance notification of the release, join the collectors list below. Thank you for your support!

About Conservation International

Coastal communities are increasingly exposed to climate-driven extreme weather events and rising seas. Coastal ecosystems — mangroves, tidal marshes, and seagrass beds — provide protection from these events while improving local fisheries. These ecosystems store up to 10 times more carbon — called “blue carbon” — per hectare than terrestrial forests, and degradation of these ecosystems accounts for up to 19% of carbon emissions from global deforestation.

Conservation International is demonstrating the importance of ecosystem-based approaches to address the impacts of climate change, including the use of coastal ecosystems to better protect communities from extreme weather. Conservation International, along with IUCN and IOC-UNESCO, leads the Blue Carbon Initiative, a collaborative international effort focused on mitigating climate change by conserving and restoring coastal ecosystems.

About Kathryn’s Fluid Landscapes

Kathryn Beals is a self taught painter and former forester from British Columbia, Canada, with a background in environmental science. Kathryn created the Fluid Landscapes painting style in her garage in 2017, while undergoing cancer treatment. Now a survivor, she has dedicated this style to helping the environment, and has raised over $20K for nonprofits since 2017.

About the paintings

Kathryn’s benefit series paintings are created in acrylic on canvas, using her signature method combining paint pouring with traditional brush landscapes.

The paintings in the Conservation International series will measure 12”x12” on stretched canvas, with edges finished to match, ready to hang. Professional grade paint for this series generously donated by Tri Art, with paint pouring components from Liquitex. The original paintings will retail for approximately $300 each, and 100% of proceeds will be donated to Conservation International.

On November 25, the collection will be released to the collectors’ list one hour before being shared on social media. Join the collectors’ list below for updates and to preview the full series of paintings as they are finished before the launch.